We have produced thousands of unique frames over the years, here are a few of our favourites with a brief description to serve as a wee bit of inspiration for you.

We will add to this gallery.

  • wee sheep embroidery

    dark wood frame with a pewter beveled sightedge, 30mm soft white mount and artglass showed off this hand embriodery to it full.

  • coloured pencil

    dark gold bevel frame with a pale gold sight edge, double mount with a complimenting accent colour with name aperture and artglass finished off this soulful pooch

  • WWII medals

    deep rebate wood tone frame with champage slip frame, complimenting double mounts with multiple apertures to accomodate the various sized items. This one had a medium recess slip so the items were set back from the artglass.

  • tiny tapestry

    mid wood tone frame with gold sight edge and artglass. The smallest frame we have made!

  • huge canvas

    black 60mm chunky frame with broad white slip frame. Artwork by the brilliant Francis Boag.

  • bouquet

    ornate gold handfinished frame with a white bevel slip frame gave this little bouquet all the feel of an old masterpiece